Our Services

Django development

Django supports building web solutions almost without limitations. In web development it has become what desktop apps were 10 years ago. So if you need a website, platform, application, or other solution, all can be built within Django. With the added benefits of state-of-the-art security, no licensing costs, customizable choice of database, integration with cloud and APIs, adapted to mobile and desktop devices, and distributed instancing for handling increased server load, Django is our framework of choice.

security authentication and authorization; customizable database (MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, NoSQL, SQLit3 (development)); REST API integration; connection with cloud (OpenStack, Kubernetes); load balancing and distribution; test-driven development; loose coupling;

iOS & Android

Our extensive experience with mobile app development allows us to offer you the app tailored to your specifications. We take mobile app development beyond the basic specs. Developing in native Android and iOS frameworks allows us to access the entire phone's features (e.g. camera, gyroscope). Our familiarity with the latest libraries, know-how for cloud integrations and customizing databases, gives you the option to develop advanced functionalities for your app. If you need a basic beautiful app or an app which handles big data mining in the background, we can deliver the mobile app solution.

native Android & iOS programming; multiple libraries such Android NDK; customized UI design; DFU; integration with cloud solutions; integration with customizable databases (MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, NoSQL, SQLit3 (development)); smart caching; perchance; test driven development; loose coupling;

Internet of Things

Since we were kids we tinkered with technology to build interesting products. After we became engineers and crafted our skills, our hobbies became our profession. We are very passionate to assist you in prototyping or building the product you envisioned. We can take your product to the next level with our technical expertise, especially in the field of electrical engineering, telecommunication engineering, hardware, circuits and software development, as well as methodological measurements.

programming and integration of microcontrollers and small single-board computers; calibration, measurement, and integration of digital/analog sensors; PCB design and manufacture; entire WiFi stack; design and 3D printing of product's frame and its components

UX & UI Design

A platform, app, or web solution can be executed perfectly, but will not hold value for the company if customers won't use it. We provide tested and proven UX & UI design practices to bring your solution to the next level. From technical executions, such as page loading time optimization and onsite SEO (no one can buy from you if they do not find you on the internet), to within-the-solution user experience optimization. We identify friction points or problems, remove them and optimize the path your users take to become customers. All while making sure their experience is filled with value.

user-centric evaluation; friction point establishment; customer journey audit; onsite & offsite SEO; user testing; site load time optimization; mobile-first development/optimization; responsive design; frictionless cross-integration of different frameworks/solutions;

Research & Analytics

Three of our experts hold advanced masters degrees from data analysis and mining and have extensive experience in conjoining data analytics with business and engineering processes. The solutions we develop have ingrained analytical modules because we believe insights fuel growth. We can help you set up the infrastructure for your research and analytics projects or analyze the data you collected to bring clarity to your business, identify risks and opportunities or develop data-driven strategies for your business to grow.

big data, data mining and machine learning; data collection, storage, and processing infrastructure; business intelligence; market & competition analysis; research & analytics; performance & trends;

Software consulting

We translate business needs into technical requirements. In the past customers have hired us at several points of their product cycle. Some needed IT help with their MVP. Others needed to supplement their in-house expert workforce, due to increased project demands or lack of technical skills in a specific field. We love to consult companies on the technology and methods described above, offer risk assessment and guidance in product development or teach skills necessary for your staff to succeed.

database choice & deployment; system/solution architecture; Wordpress; Django; Python; .NET & ASP.NET MVC & XAML; Java; JavaScript; C#; Android; Matlab; OpenStack and Kubernetes; Docker; virtualization technologies and methods;

Digital marketing

Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time. Today, that means you need to meet them where they are already spending time: on the internet. We help you drive more prospective buyers to your website, convert these prospects into leads and those leads into sales. let's attract, engage, and delight customers online. From SEO and Content Marketing to Social and PPC, we will make your campaign a success.

Search Engine Optimization; Social Media Marketing; PPC; Inbound Marketing; Content Marketing; Marketing Automation; Email Marketing; Online PR;