The app for the world's
1st smart speed radar gun.
Android APP, API

Business Challenge

Scoutee wanted to revolutionize speed measurement in baseball. Their vision was a pocket-size radar gun accessible via a mobile app. And their idea touched base with athletes, coaches, and sports lovers. To bring their idea to life, they needed an Android app, which would be fully compatible with their radar guns.

Our Solution

The Android app connected with the radar gun to measure the ball's speed and direction accurately.

We developed the Android app to bring the radar gun's abilities to full potential:

Accurate measurements

The measurement method had to be adjusted to the speed and path of the ball. Data was always delivered with high accuracy.

Technologically customized

The app adjusted the data collection to the hardware of the user's phone and Android version it was working on for optimal analysis.

Integrated with video

We integrated the measurements from the gun on both the video collected by the phone and the UI within the phone for different use cases.

We constructed a dual database for storing data: all measurement info was stored locally on the phone while also storing it in a tailored-made PARSE cloud solution. Data was transferred from the local storage to the cloud to diminish memory load. Less memory load, lower chances of uninstalling the app.

For a brand to be successful it needs to be recognised and deliver the communication consistency its users expect. We reinforced Scoutee's brand visual identity by customizing it to the XML design demands of the Android environment.

Additionally we developed a special analytical module for the Scoutee team, where information about app usage, churn rate, and other statistical data gave them insights into how their app was being used. And how to make their app better for their users.

From Challenges to Bussiness Opportunity

With these technical improvements we made the functionality of the Android app stand out:

The biggest gap to bridge was the frictionless integration between the native Android environment, the radar gun's hardware, and the PARSE cloud recordings database. We developed our own protocol for BLE communication to make that happen. All without sacrificing speed and accuracy of data processing.

At the same time, we implemented the Device Firmware Update (DFU), which allowed the app to update the radar gun over the air. Without hassle or complications. The user accessed the optimal version of the radar gun at any point of usage.

Video encoding. We encoded and decoded information directly on the video for a better user experience. Added value: parallel processing of information on the video shot, while also analyzing and storing data on the phone and cloud. Without exerting the phone processing load.