The luxury of a garden
on your wall
Django, APP's, API

Business Challenge

The marketplace for vertical gardens is flourishing. Unfortunately, no one has yet developed a *fully* automated vertical garden. Usually, the technology stops at smart watering solutions. But plants need more than water to grow. A smart garden, which automates temperature, nutrient levels, air quality and light conditions, is needed.

Our Solution

We are developing a fully automated garden. Each Jardin wall has its own smart computer, which acts as a green thumb mastermind. It analyses environmental conditions via 20+ smart sensors and based on every individual plant's preferences automates everything from watering to fertilization, from pH to temperature.


Correct Light is essential for optimal plant growth.


Controlling how much water is vaporizing in the air.

Water Level

Controlling and notifying how much water is left.


Moisture level in the soil has to be always controlled.

Air Quality

Environmental Unit, Measuring pressure, temperature, gas,...

The challenge was to combine nature and technology into a symbiotic relationship. From the outside, Jardin wall looks like a stunning conversation centerpiece. But on the inside, it had to solve several technical challenges. Classic sensors oxidise and corrode in a biological environment. Their sensitivity had to be analytically adjusted to measure information correctly in different and changing environments: the weather outside is not the same as within an apartment. Also, data had to flow seamlessly between the sensors, smart computer and extensive botany database to identify the best environment and adjust it to every individual plant's need.

From Challenges to Bussiness Opportunity

Jardin wall was build to provide a beautiful and seamless experience. The user just has to plug in his herbs, flowers or vegetables and sit back to harvest the fruits of Jardin's labor. But the ease of Jardin's work is built on considerable technological efforts.

Other than making everything automated for the user, Jardin has additional features, which contribute to the user experience on the long term:

Solving the problem of sensor corrosion increased the lifetime of Jardin wall 5-times. That's the difference in providing a quality product for a couple of years or a decade. That's the making of a reliable product.

The connection with the botany database allows us to treat every plant with its own unique growing regime, increasing the amount of growth and health of plants more than the currently available watering solutions.

Within the smart computer, we developed a prediction algorithm, which adjusts Jardin's growing regime to optimize it based on how the environment is going to change. Making Jardin adaptable to different environments and changes.