Take control over your production.
Django, PostgreSQL, Cytoscape

Business Challenge

At the end of 2015 manufacturing companies contacted us with a problem: they needed an ERP system to bring their business to the next level. All the solutions they found were either too expensive, too complex or simply tailored to accounting but not manufacturing needs. They sought an ERP which would allow them to run their business from a single platform while not losing oversight over their business performance.

Our Solution

Throughout the year interviews were held with representatives from every department, from the factory floor to management, to align their work processes with Gedaxa's implementation.

And throughout the year Gedaxa was developed on a Django backbone connected to a cloud. We set three development goals.


The system had to be fast and capable of handling all the complexity of a manufacturing company with impeccable accuracy.


The system had to be secure. We applied several layers of state-of-the-art protection to keep business data away from unwanted eyes.


The ERP had to be functional. As in, people's functional. Irrespective of different work processes and know-how within the company, using Gedaxa should be accessible to every employee.

Extensive testing with concrete users and simulated scenarios allowed us to deliver the end product which the companies wanted.

From Challenges to Bussiness Opportunity

Gedaxa offers exactly what one would expect from a tailored ERP. A single platform from which all of the business can be ran and supervised for a smooth production and accurate evaluation of the company's performance.

We added additional business value to the ERP by developing the UX and UI:

Every process in the company can be found in Gedaxa from a single menu. Striking the right balance between expert terminology and layman understanding for clarity of usage.

The entire manufacturing process, from the first inquiry to the delivery of final product, can be run from a single graphic view. No more searching around.

Every main feature is accessible in a maximum of three clicks. And we are constantly improving it.

Simplified onboarding. The single upload of users, intuitive usage, and reliable support make onboarding fast.