Located in one of the most dynamic cities of Southeast Asia – Ho Chi Minh City, used to be known as Saigon, Sgonware was born from a desire to solve business problems with smart technology.

No matter the project at hand, we always make sure to deliver on three aspects:


The solutions we provide are aligned with the business challenges and needs they are solving. No technology is developed for its own sake, rather, we make sure the solution helps your business grow.


Combining verified technologies and programming standards with the latest development trends brings state-of-the-art quality. Our products are build to last by adapting to the ever-changing IT landscape.


Usability is essential. The solutions we develop are for people, not machines. Beautiful design, sped up uptake, and a smooth and intuitive user experience are ingrained in our products.

From next corner bakeries to enterprise giants, we pride ourselves in providing the same quality of service irrespective of your company's size. Having worked with companies and individuals at all steps of their product cycle, we can offer the technical support to bring your project to realization. We are looking forward to helping you develop the entire solution from the initial idea, offer consulting on ongoing projects or even improve existent solutions.

The question remains: Why are you called Sgonware?

The name itself defines the key components of the company’s identity. Software and Hardware developed in the Heart of Saigon - Sgonware.